PCB Design

PCB designed by Simba HPC

We offer a complete PCB design and layout service utilising the latest software from Altium. We can also capture and edit schematics using Cadence OrCAD/Allegro.

Combining PCB and FPGA design facilitates a number of design optimisations through pin swapping, i.e. optimising the layout of the FPGA and the PCB together. This can lead to system performance improvements and/or a reduction in BOM cost through the use of fewer PCB layers or a smaller board. Spare FPGA resources (such as Plls) can also be used to replace functionality usually implemented using dedicates devices, reducing PCB component count.

We work closely with a number of external companies for the manufacture and assembly of PCBs, meaning we can offer a complete design and assembly service to our customers. We can work with high speed PCB designs and most package types including BGAs and high density connectors.