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Simba HPC

TI OMAP PCB designed by Simba HPC Altera FPGA

Simba HPC is an electronics design house specialising in hardware, software, and FPGA development for digital signal processing and accelerated computing. We are based in Cambridge, UK.

Our core areas of expertise are FPGA / ASIC IP design, PCB design and software development, which we apply to areas including:

We work closely with customers to develop components of larger systems, production ready designs, and prototypes. We can work with on a fixed price basis or at a daily rate depending on the project.

Many of our designs use FPGA devices from vendors including AMD / Xilinx, Intel / Altera, and Lattice. We believe in always selecting the the most appropriate technology for the application and have produced designs that combine FPGAs with desktop PCs and embedded processors such as the TI OMAP and multicore DSPs such as the TI c66x (c6678).

We have the expertise to develop complete systems including FPGA design, PCB design and software development. Our staff have strong academic backgrounds enabling us to quickly grasp complex requirements including those based on highly mathematical algorithms.